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Drawer organiser set

Drawer organiser set

These handy little drawer organisers help keep babies or kids drawers a little bit more organised. Our drawer organisers come in a set of 4 (2 large and 2 medium) so you can mix and match where you need them.


Our grid spaced organisers are perfect for rolled bodysuits/vests, tights, leggings, socks or underwear. The grid allows you to see what you need at a glance, as well as fitting more into a small space.


The column spaced organisers are great for folded sets, knits, swaddles, sweats, beanies and more.


They easily fold down for storage and just pop up by a zip when ready to use. Easily slip them in and out of your drawers to refill when needed.


  • Product info

    Drawer organisers come in a set of 4. These come flat packed in a reusable storage bag and easily fold up for use by zipping up the base.

    Colour: white

    Sizes included are:

    • square grid - (W)32cm x (L)32cm x (H)10cm with 24 internal grid sections

    • rectangle grid - (W)16cm x (L)32cm x (H)10cm with 8 internal grid sections

    • square column - (W)32cm x (L)32cm x (H)10cm with 5 internal column sections

    • rectangle column - (W)16cm x (L)32cm x (H)10cm with 6 internal column sections

    Please ensure you measure your own drawers at home prior to ordering to ensure they will fit either widthway or lengthways.

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